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ΑΚΤΟ is the largest educational group, in Art, Design and Media, in Greece. Applied Arts are taught at AKTO in a global, multidisciplinary spirit, combining scientific theory and artistic practice in a unique way. Our mission is to encourage students, assist them in highlighting their talents and skills and discover their own creativity.

AKTO offers postgraduate and undergraduate programmes of studies, at a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree and a Master of Arts in Design level, validated by Middlesex University.

Programmes of studies:

In addition, our two year vocational training programmes – IEK, offer greater flexibility in attendance requirements and student fees, with the status and reliability of the most specialized educational institution in Art & Design.

Should you have a busy schedule, personal or professional obligations, or distance becomes an obstacle to your studies, AKTO offers flexible Open Learning and Distance Learning programmes of studies.

One Year Long Short Courses and Seminar cycles on Art, Communication, Design and Media are incorporated into the schedule of each academic year, aiming at further developing Art and Design, providing education as well as possibilities of life-long learning.

According to a survey published by DOMUS Magazine, AKTO is ranked in the top 100 educational institutions for Architecture & Design in Europe, for 2013. The emblematic Italian magazine, which for years has set trends, announced movements and combined Design with Architecture in an unsurpassed way, selected the top Schools in the sector and included them in its special edition titled “Europe’s Top 100 School of Architecture & Design 2013″. The edition was released with the December 2012 DOMUS (

As from 2011, AKTO is a member of CUMULUS the only global association, comprised by recognised universities, to serve Art and Design education and research, making AKTO the only private educational institution with this honorary recognition in Greece. Cumulus consists of 176 members and 200.000 students from 43 countries. It represents higher education in Art, Design and Media, promotes originality and assists in the exchange of ideas and current trends in Design (

For the last 40 years, AKTO dynamically promotes its students creations, through a series of successful collaborations with prominent companies, agencies and organizations, and has earned the trust of the employment market.

It presents multiple art events on an annual basis and is present in important cultural and art events, while students, graduates and tutors are distinguished internationally.

In today’s demanding times, we dynamically move forward, offering quality and specialized education, of a Bachelor & Master’s level, validated by Middlesex University. We remain loyal to the values which are people-oriented, and continuously develop, designing programmes of studies which apply theory in practice and combine Art with Science.



British Accreditation Council




Athens Campus

11Α Evelpidon Street (Pedion Areos)
Athens, 113 62
Tel: 210 52 30 130, Fax: 210 38 13 700

Thessaloniki Campus

38-40 26th October & Andreou Georgiou Streets
(next to MET HOTEL) Thessaloniki, 546 27
Tel: 2310 221 231, Tel/Fax: 2310 544 723

[email protected]

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