Life at AKTO

Our premises are found in the heart of Athens and Thessalonica, in close proximity to the business centers, museums, galleries, theatres, monuments and archaeological sites.

Life in Athens

The Athens Campus is situated at Evelpidon Street, opposite the Panellinios public stadium and in close proximity to the National Archaeological museum and the Hellenic Motor museum.

Life in Athens offers you numerous choices. You can visit a vast number of museums and archaeological sites, such as the Acropolis, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Athens Market (later Roman Market), as well as the Ancient cemetery of Keramikos.

QThe restoration of the historical business center, with the creation of sidewalks, Placa, Monastiraki, Syndagma square and Gazi offer visitors a variety of experiences, which combine entertainment, shopping, relaxation and Greek cuisine.

Athens center, with its 19th Century public buildings of Architectural interest, the large number of theatres, as well as cultural areas and galleries, offer visitors the opportunity to constantly be around Art, design and various cultural activities hosted by the capital city of Athens.


Life in Thessaloniki

The AKTO Campus in Thessaloniki is situated at 38-40 26th October and Andreou Georgiou Streets, next to the MET HOTEL.

At the new West city entrance, our new Campus is found at a very central point, with multiple development prospects. With a unique view of the Thessaloniki Port, immediate and easy access to the main roads of the city and its close proximity to the Urban Bus Station (KTEL) and the National Railway (OSE), it has many benefits.

The area also offers many recreational options. Nearby is the Water Supply Museum, a historical building of great architectural interest, and Mylos, which consists of galleries, theatres, restaurants and concert venues. Just one breath from the new Campus, you can find the large coast of the Thermaikos gulf, which, after the latest restoration works, one can visit for pleasant walks. One of the best restaurants of the city is found at the end of this walk, at Ladadika, named after the oil storerooms that were found there.



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Athens Campus

11Α Evelpidon Street (Pedion Areos)
Athens, 113 62
Tel: 210 52 30 130, Fax: 210 38 13 700

Thessaloniki Campus

38-40 26th October & Andreou Georgiou Streets
(next to MET HOTEL) Thessaloniki, 546 27
Tel: 2310 221 231, Tel/Fax: 2310 544 723

[email protected]

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