Garment & Shoe Technology Technician – Fashion Designer

In line with our philosophy for continuous development, AKTO introduces the two year vocational training programmes – IEK to its programmes of study, covering almost all the educational levels in Applied and Fine Arts, Design and Media. The vocational studies programmes – IEK offer greater flexibility both in attendance and fees, with the status and credibility of AKTO – the most specialized educational institution in Art & Design in Greece.

Philosophy of the programme

Graduates of this programme are distinguished for their high aesthetics, knowledge of the media, methods and procedures, and for been able to design in a way that promotes the human figure and the technical elements involved. The specialized knowledge acquired on design and construction methods, enable them to not only design, but also supervise garment and accessory productions or collections for fashion houses and studios. They are aware of the coordination and supervision of a production process, as well as the way a collection is presented, so as to develop an image for their proposal.

The subjects taught during your studies, are the following:

History of Art, History of the garment, Fashion Design, Free hand drawing, Colour-Styling, Basic design-aesthetics, Applied cutting, Applied sewing, Enlargement technology, Fabrics, Fashion forecasts, Working space, Fashion Sociology-Costing-Marketing, Fabric design-colour, Styling, Professional simulation, Collection Management and Presentation.


Upon successful completion of the two year cycle of studies, graduates are awarded the Vocational Studies Certificate, giving them the right to take part in the certification examinations undertaken by E.O.P.P.E.P. (National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance) leading to the Vocational Diploma. With the acquirement of a recognized diploma, the graduate is able to participate in competitions announced by ASEP.

Graduates of all I.E.K. in Greece, public and private, can equally participate in the examinations by E.O.P.P.E.P., both on a theoretical and practical level. The Vocational Training Certificates issued by private I.E.K. are, in all aspects, equal to those issued by the public I.E.K.


A Fashion Designer plays a leading role in the garment industry. He works in Fashion Studios, as a Stylist in Fashion magazines, in television and photographic studios. He can work as a designer of fashion accessories, as a fabrics designer, as a pattern specialist in garment industries and production companies.

Academic development

Graduates of this specialization are able, should they wish to do so, may continue their studies, following the submission of a portfolio, and be accepted in an advanced semester or year of studies in the Fashion Design programme of our College, to a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree level, validated by Middlesex University.



British Accreditation Council




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