Master of Arts in Design

Master of Arts in Design

The Master of Arts in Design is the only interdisciplinary programme in Applied Arts in Greece. It validated by Middlesex University and is in operation since 2003.

It offers designers and artists in Applied Arts, from all disciplines, the opportunity to develop, through in depth personal research of their discipline and interaction with their colleagues, in an interdisciplinary environment. A balance between specialization and interaction is achieved through detailed and composite personal projects enabling them to delve more into their specialization, as well as group projects, discussion and critical analysis of matters investigating common areas of the unified field of Design.

Its interdisciplinary character, which is the main axis of the Masters programme, is ensured through a series of modules and group activities, with emphasis on the interaction between students from different disciplines, idea exchange, the exchange of methods used, the review of values and principles and the critical investigation of common areas in Design, in the broad Urban Field.

Aims of the Programme

The programme aims to equip, in a multilateral way, creators and artists in Applied Arts, in becoming leaders in the international competitive employment environment, acquiring collaboration, management and personal development skills.

Developing student abilities in organized research, interrelating theory and applications and having a multilateral approach of design problems, able to propose innovative solutions through experimentation, is our goal.

Programme structure

The structure of the programme offers students the opportunity to specialize on a topic on which they base their personal research -through personal projects- at the same time developing their critical skills, in context with an interdisciplinary academic environment.

The specialization arising from the completion of the Main Project and the research stages followed may be one of the following:

Graphic Design:
Branding, Publishing, Advertising, Web Design, Visual Communication Design, Typography, Illustration.

Architectural Design:
Interior Design, Urban Design, Maritime Development, Building transformation, Conceptual Architecture, Stage design – Production design.

Product Design:
Industrial Product Design, Conceptual Product Design.

Advertising Photography, Fashion photography, Reportage – Street photography, Constructed Photography Reality.

2D, 3D Computer Animation, Cartoon.

Interactive Media:
Interactive television, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality.

Mixed Media:
Mixed expression techniques (with the use of 2 or more media aiming at visual communication).

Character creation, Illustration, Story board, Conceptual Art, Sequential Art.

Fashion Design:
Fashion Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Costume design.

*This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion.


The programme aims at developing, to an advanced professional standard, the abilities and skills of the graduates in organised research, relating theory with applications as well as the multidimensional approach of Design problems, whilst proposing original solutions. In addition, it aims at developing the Design management understanding of graduates, through approaching related topics.

A graduate of the Master of Arts programme is empowered, with regards to the elements that comprise his specialisation, in a critical and multidimensional way. The graduate is “upgraded” not because he learned more ABOUT his specialisation, but because he understands and can do more WITH his specialisation.

The programme aims at producing informed graduates, with regards to visual approaches in various matters (e.g. synthesis, aesthetics, communication, management etc) from other Design specialisations. Graduates are more effective and flexible in their activities, through the complex Design employment market. It is based on its interdisciplinary nature, aims at graduates who can perceive design in a broader sense and are able to deal with more complex design issues, having received and practically applied information from different design disciplines.

The programme can be completed in three different modes of study:

Full Time | One year full time – 12 month duration
Attendance required is three afternoons per week during the winter semester, two afternoons per week during the spring semester, and personal meetings with your supervisor for the completion of your Main Project during the summer semester.

Part Time | Two year – 21 months duration
Attendance required is the same as the full time option with regards to modules followed, however double time is given to complete your projects. In this case, one graduates one year later, in relation to the full time mode.

Distance Learning Mode | Two year – 21 months duratio
Attendance during the first year demands arrival to Athens once per month (days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday). During the second year the completion of the Main Project can be done from your place of residence. When a trip to Athens is required, it is arranged between you and your supervisor.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3 - Main Project



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