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Required attendance for the Distance Learning mode of studies is once per month (Fridays and Saturdays) and is ideal for students who live far from the College and wish to study without having to move from their place of residence.

The learning procedure is well structured and is completed with monthly visits to Athens or Thessalonica, with free accommodation (Friday to Saturday) at a hotel collaborating with AKTO.

Workshops take place at each meeting, for the total number of classes, during which students work in an intense and coordinated manner, under the supervision of tutors. Part of the work which is initiated at the workshops is completed outside of College premises, until the following meeting. During such period, students are in communication with the College and the academic advisors and, should they be in Athens or Thessalonica for their own reasons, they can attend additional workshops and have free access to the facilities of AKTO.

Corrections on running projects take place during the meetings. Through the use of new technologies (via a special application) group calls are arranged, where students work in teams, forward their queries and analyse each project, so as to be able to complete their works effectively.

The duration of studies for Distance Learning is:

  • Two years (four semesters) for Fine Art & New Media students.
  • Three years (six semesters) for Graphic Design and Interior Architecture students.

Graduates of the programme receive the AKTO (AKTO Life Long Learning Centre, Level 2, Certified by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance E.O.P.P.E.P.) and at a later stage:

  • Fine Art & New Media students, with the completion of certain additional extra modules during the summer semester, can apply to register in the final year of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree, validated by Middlesex University.
  • Graphic Design and Interior Architecture students, upon the successful completion of studies, can apply directly to be introduced in the final year of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree, validated by Middlesex University.

The Distance Learning option is offered for the following programmes:


The syllabus is developed in a structured procedure and the methods used are the following:

  • Projects: Projects are assigned through project briefs, where all required information for their materialization is found, including the assessment criteria, duration, communication schedule with tutor and relative bibliography.
  • Seminars: Discussions with student groups on a specific topic or presentations by other tutors or visiting tutors, taking place during one of the nine visits to Athens.
  • Critique: Necessary in achieving quality results for a project and constructive for the development of any student. At the end of each project critique takes place through correspondence or during the visits to Athens.
  • Skype: Allowing users to make calls via the internet, at zero cost and at real time. Students receive corrections by tutors, between their meetings, for the running projects. Group call and share screen allow them, in groups of five, to forward their queries and analyse their projects in detail, so as to assist them in the better design / completion of their works.
  • Telephonic communication: The tutor is available daily, at specific times, so as to resolve queries and provide clarifications on projects and examinations.
  • Correspondence: Students receive written comments from their tutors through e-mail or traditional post, and can discuss them.
  • Computer studios: Computer classes, taking place at the computer studios of AKTO are included in the schedule of second and third year students in Athens.

The advantages of the Distance Learning mode

  • Students can study at the comfort of their place of residence.
  • They are not obliged change their personal, family, social and professional habits.
  • They can organize their time and projects according to their responsibilities.
  • Work in conditions designed by them and perform better.
  • Free hotel accommodation selected by AKTO for their monthly attendance.
  • May latter acquire a university level qualification, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, validated by Middlesex University, in the field of their choice.


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