Advisory Services – Equal Opportunities Policy

Συμβουλευτικές Υπηρεσίες

Advisory Services

If students need guidance on any matter related to specialized organizations, so as to deal with a particular problem affecting their studies, such as alcoholism, domestic violence, drugs, depression etc, they are encouraged to contact our offices who will assist them in finding more details about the relative organization. AKTO is committed to keep all such cases confidential.

Equal Opportunities Policy

AKTO is a private educational institution in Art and Design, connected to specific ideas and does not promote anything else but the values of Art, via its programmes of study, as well as the educational values which are in line with the international standards for human rights. In addition, our educational values are set by the rules and laws for tertiary education and AKTO’s responsibilities towards Middlesex University. In this context, no discrimination towards students, related to gender, age, religion, appearance, cultural habits or physical condition have any place at AKTO. This includes that no student can offend the rights of another within the College premises.

Students who, for any reason, feel that they are victims of discrimination, are invited to discuss the matter with administration who, in collaboration with the Programme Leaders and tutors, will make all efforts to resolve the problem.



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