Additional Benefits



Student ID Card
AKTO students are issued with a student ID card, upon registration. The student card gives them access to a series of benefits, such as: free entrance or discount for museums – venues for Art & culture, discounts for bookstores as well as services which are announced at the AKTO website each academic year.

Personal e-mail account
Each students is provided, Free of Charge, with a Microsoft Office 365 account, which, amongst others, includes: a personal e-mail account (, the Onedrive for Business, i.e. a personal “storage space” in Cloud of 1 Terrabyte (1024 GB), the Skype for business, use of Sharepoint etc, aiming to assist you in your communication and collaboration with the College, your tutors and colleagues, during your studies.

AKTO + Microsoft Office
All ΑΚΤΟ students are provided with the latest version of Microsoft Office to five (5) of their personal devices (laptop, tablet, mobile, desktop etc.).

Cannibal typefaces
ΑΚΤΟ provides all students with 120 typefaces (exclusively for educational purposes) by Cannibal, in order to be able to work on your projects from home.

Free participation in “Athens Χclusive Designers Week”
AKTO, in collaboration with the organisers, has ensured free participation of student works, exclusively for the Fashion Design students, at the “Athens Χclusive Designers Week” (AXDW), the International Fashion Event taking place in Greece. More specifically, during the academic year 2015-2016, ΑΚΤΟ will cover all student participation costs for AXDW, offering the opportunity to present their creations at the catwalk of this group event. All costs for the “New Designers Awards” will also be covered for the two top finalists of the Fashion Design programme (participation is assessed by the event committee).

Fashion Daily
Fashion Design students will receive the “Fashion Daily | Fashion and Beauty Business Trendspotting” newsletter, by Boussias Communications publishers. The newsletter is sent 3-4 times per week, to inform students about the latest international news in the Fashion, retail and beauty industries.

AKTO Innovation Lab
ΑΚΤΟ students and graduates have the opportunity to become members of the ΑΚTO Innovation Lab. The “workshop” was developed by graduates of the Product Design programme of studies in April 2014. Its goal is to dynamically combine Innovation with Design Thinking, through multidimensional collaborations and applications of high standards.

Vocational Training (Subsidised Programmes)
Our graduates have the opportunity to participate in subsidised vocational training programmes, through The Center for Life Long Learning Level 2 (Κ.Δ.Β.Μ.2). ΑΚΤΟ has developed the AKTO training office. A specialised department which follows up and makes use of subsidies, aiming at empowering individuals’ skills, highlighting their talents and facilitating their development in the professional arena.

Exhibitions – Events
ΑΚΤΟ dynamically promotes the creations of students each year, through exhibitions and events organised either in-house or at known cultural – exhibition areas and museums.

Collaborations – Awards
Students and graduates of AKTO have the opportunity to promote their work and be distinguished both on a national and international level. ΑΚΤΟ supports the first steps taken by its students in the employment market, through academic projects, taking place in collaboration with universities abroad, as well as successful collaborations (Competitions, assignments) with prominent companies, authorities and organisations.



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