Collaboration with Middlesex University

As from 1991, AKTO is a collaborative partner of Middlesex University (

Our Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts in Design programmes were developed and are delivered and assessed by AKTO. They are awarded and quality assured by Middlesex University. Upon successful completion of their studies in Greece, AKTO students will be awarded a degree from Middlesex University. As holders of a British degree, students may wish to continue their studies abroad at postgraduate level.

To secure the integrity of assessment, final results are confirmed by External Examiners on an annual basis. AKTO’s graduates are internationally recognised, as their degrees are issued and awarded directly by the University.

Programmes of studies at AKTO are monitored by Middlesex University as well as the British Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), and are recognised by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), confirming the high level of studies offered by the College.



British Accreditation Council




Athens Campus

11Α Evelpidon Street (Pedion Areos)
Athens, 113 62
Tel: 210 52 30 130, Fax: 210 38 13 700

Thessaloniki Campus

38-40 26th October & Andreou Georgiou Streets
(next to MET HOTEL) Thessaloniki, 546 27
Tel: 2310 221 231, Tel/Fax: 2310 544 723

[email protected]

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